Thursday, June 7, 2012

She Has a Box. . . .

Nancy Pelosi on contraception mandate: "I do my religion on Sundays, in church."
Pelosi has a box to keep her faith in.  Too bad.  She needs to start living her faith every day instead of just that hour on Sunday.   It would be much better for her and for our nation. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scared To Death

I wish someone in the know - a Supreme Court Justice, for example - would just tell me that this whole HHS mandate thing is a flash in the pan.  That it is unconstitutional and will never, ever be allowed to be put into practice.  I am scared to death.  If the mandate is allowed to stand, it's been made clear by the USCCB that they will have no choice but to close Catholic hospitals and Catholic schools and Catholic universities and Catholic charities rather than compromise on beliefs.  I am behind them 100%, but I also know if that happens, we will lose our jobs.  My husband teaches at a Catholic school.  My boss's wife is a nurse at a Catholic hospital.  Both are the main breadwinners in their families.  Without the financial support of his wife, the store where I work will have to close.  Without my husband's job, we will both be unemployed, uninsured and looking homelessness in the face.  My husband is a few years away from retirement, but not nearly close enough that we can make a go on his Social Security checks (and he's not old enough to get them anyway) and the little we have in IRAs.  If another school district were interested in a very good, very experienced teacher, they'd have to know that with his years of experience, he'd be at the top of the pay scale.  He's just too darn expensive to hire.  It's much cheaper to hire a new college grad at bargain basement prices.  We have 7 years to go before our house is paid for.  I am so afraid that we will lose the house we dreamed of and worked so hard to get, all on the brink of it being paid for.  As for me, I have a college degree that is outdated and very little experience. I may soon be asking you if you'd like a cart at the Wal-Mart doors or perhaps if you'd like fries with your sandwich.  The future looks very bleak and I am terrified.  Thanks so much, Mr. Obama.  Thanks for nothing. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Boxed In

See this box? That's the box that I keep my faith in between Masses. Every Sunday, I open up the box, take out my faith, give it shake and go to church. When I get home, I crumple up my faith and stick it back in the box for another week.

No, I don't, but that is what it seems the "world" wants us to do. It's ok to go to church, but heaven (!) forbid that your faith influences anything else you do in your life. It should never guide your lifestyle choices, it should never influence your voting or how you do your job. It should just be something that you drag out for an hour or so on Sunday.

This is what I liken it to; an analogy that even most secular humanists and Washington politicians will understand: You are an environmentalist. You are on the board of your county's solid waste disposal commission and you attend their monthly meetings, where you discuss with passion recycling and ideas for reducing waste in the environment. You plan how to stretch out the life of the landfill with green solutions and press for more environmental packaging. On the way home, you stop by the drive-through window of McDonald's and order a hamburger and chocolate milkshake. You eat them while driving home and when you are finished, you shove everything into the bag, roll down your window and toss it out onto the pavement.

What kind of environmentalist would you be if you did that? A lousy one! A good environmentalist recycles what he can. He reduces waste and tries his best to make purchasing decisions based on what is best for the environment. That only makes sense. You have to live your passions and beliefs, in every aspect of life.

So does a Christian. Faith is not just something for Sunday. It should permeate everything the Christian does, from those very public actions to the ones that no one every sees or will ever know about. You should behave at your job in a Christian manner, showing your workplace that this is what a Christian is like. Your faith should shine out and influence every decision in life. Your voting decisions should reflect your faith. They HAVE to because now, more than ever, faith is under attack. Our government, the people we hired with our votes, the people sworn to uphold the Constitution, have decided that religious exemptions will not be given to the mandate that requires that religious groups provide insurance coverage for birth control and sterilization services, regardless of moral objections to them. No discussion is welcomed. I never would have thought that the United States would end up at this point. When an elected official begins to dictate to religious group what they are allowed to believe, doesn't it follow logically that he's become a dictator?

Faith and belief. If they are to mean anything at all, they have to be lived everyday and they have to be defended when they are attacked. Otherwise, you might as well just shove them in a box and forget about them. If you do that long enough, they may just rot away and disappear. We cannot allow that to happen.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

If. . .

If I am ever accused of being a Catholic, I sure hope that there is enough evidence to convict me.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Well. . .

I have not blogged in months. I was seriously considering deleting this blog, but then all hell broke loose and now I feel that I need to talk about this issue. A few weeks ago, the Department of Health and Human Services issued that mandate that requires all employers, regardless of beliefs, to provide birth control and sterilization services to all employees free of charge. The Catholic Church rightly protested that this is a violation of our first amendment rights of Freedom of Religion and within a week or so, our fearless dictator came out with a "compromise". This so-called compromise requires insurance companies, not employers, to pay for birth control and sterilization. Well, THAT'S better, right? No, it isn't. Just how are the insurance companies going to pay for this? By raising the prices they charge all of us for premiums. We end up paying for it anyway. And it STILL violates the First Amendment. Separation of Church and State works both ways, Mr. Former Constitutional Law Professor.

Dictator Obama avers that he is just concerned with the health of women. I don't swallow that. Pregnancy and childbirth are not diseases. Heart disease is a disease. Diabetes is a disease. Cancer is a disease. Epilepsy is a disease. Pregnancy is a condition that generally ends well for both mother and baby. Yes, there are the occasional tragedy of a mother dying in childbirth and children can be still-born, but these instances are relatively rare. Many more women (and men too - let's not forget that men get sick too) die of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Why don't we offer chemo free for cancer patients? Insulin free for diabetics? Dialysis free for kidney patients?

Because the Obama regime is not as concerned with health care as they are with promoting an agenda. And that agenda ultimately comes back to abortion. If he can get Catholics to lay down and play dead on this issue, it is one more step to making sure that abortion is firmly implanted (pun intended) in the mindset of our nation.

It's got nothing to do with health care. Nothing at all.

And I'm darned if I am going to lay down and play dead. I'm fighting. My rights as a Catholic are not going to be trampled. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Kara and her family came over on Halloween to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. As Kara ran up to our door, I met her with a basket of candy. I handed some to her and her parents both said, "What do you say, Kara?" Kara smiled and said "May I have more candy, please?" When you think about it, that's more polite than "Trick or Treat."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventure in Real Estate

It's taken a long time, but the moment has now arrived: my in-law's house is now on the market!! Hopefully, this will be a short adventure, but we all know that real estate moves slowly these days. It really is a great house, with three bedrooms, two full baths, an office, a first floor family room with gas fireplace, a first floor laundry room and a HUGE backyard with lots of trees. We've worked and sweated and floundered in the dark, but now the house is up for sale and a new adventure begins. Please pray to St Joseph for a quick sale and a great price for us. Thank you!